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Pressure Washing Services in Indianapolis by OMAAS

deck cleaning

RESIDENTIAL Home exterior cleaning services

Your home is our home.

Our expertly trained team of home improvement specialists are ready to provide you with premium exterior services that include roof repairs and replacements, replacement windows, siding, ventilation, insulation, chimneys and more.

Disinfect Exterior Surfaces

Health Preventative

Increase Property Value

one man and a sprayer home exterior cleaning

Home Exterior Cleaning

First I practice surveying the property for previously damaged areas. Photos will be taken and sent to you, so that we both have an understanding for the damaged areas. After inspecting the house I begin the cleaning process. I pre-rinse the desired area, then I apply the biodegradable chemical. The chemical sits for (5-10 mins) then it is able to be rinsed.

one man and a sprayer driveway cleaning

Driveway Washing

When doing driveways , I practice pre-wetting the concrete and apply a pre-treatment of chemicals before getting started. So that way the chemicals can loosen up some tough dirt before we pressure wash it. I use a 20inch surface cleaner that can handle up to 4000psi just in case I have an issue. The cleaning process concludes with applying a post-treat that will settle in and take care of the rest.

one man and a sprayer walkway cleaning

Walkway Cleaning

I pre-soak the walkway, then pretreat the concrete. Instead of using a surface cleaner, I want to be detailed so I manual spray the path to your home!

one man and a sprayer gutter cleaning

Gutter Brightening

I also try to bring the house back to its full beauty by performing a gutter whitening/brightening. I have no problem taking dirty gutters and bringing them back to life. I use a great chemical solution that’s great for the job.

one man and a sprayer windows cleaning

Window Soft Washing

The window  process is a tad bit special. I apply a streakless chemical and clean with a soft bristle brush. After completing, we rinse the window off. Giving you a clear view on a beautiful day.

one man and a sprayer roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

To take the best care of you roof, I use a process of pre- rinse, chemical and then rinse. Repeat as needed.

one man and a sprayer power washing and deck staining

Power Washing & Deck Staining

When doing decks it’s a 4-step process. I wash it , apply chemical, rinse and then stain. In the end you’ll have a brand new deck you’ll be proud to host any event on.